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Turn shoppers into buyers with the auto industry’s most advanced generative AI chat solution.

AI-powered web chat that delivers a better customer experience and better business results. This is what next-generation chat looks like.

Inteligencia artificial

It’s not a chatbot – it’s a true conversational experience.

Powered by state-of-the-art generative conversational AI technology and large language models tuned specifically for automotive retailers, Chat AI was purpose-built to support OEM and auto dealer business objectives. Chat AI engages consumers with personalized VIN-specific conversations and interactive content designed to delight shoppers and turn them into buyers.

Inteligencia Artificial

The problem with traditional chat solutions.

Too much friction leads to a poor customer experience and low conversion rates – that’s particularly true when in-market shoppers are researching and browsing online. Prospective buyers expect timely responses, complete answers to their questions, and quick resolution. Traditional chatbots and outsourced chat agents fall far short, leading to customer frustration and high abandon rates. 

Impel’s Chat AI

Inteligencia Artificial

The importance of verticalized Large Language Models.

General-purpose GPT models pose significant challenges for auto dealers and OEMs. From delivering factually inaccurate information and “hallucinations” to limited capabilities for guiding conversations and answering VIN-specific questions, these models simply weren’t designed to meet the unique needs of auto retailers. That’s why we developed Chat AI – an industry-leading chat solution built specifically for the automotive industry.

Impel’s Chat AI features a proprietary Optimization Layer that leverages industry-specific language model training and fine-tuning based on more than 100 million automotive shopper interactions conducted over the past 7 years. Powered by robust prompt engineering and deep system integrations, Chat AI is optimized for driving auto retailer business outcomes. For an added layer of control, Chat AI offers a full set of customization options that enable individual dealers to set guardrails that support dealership-specific policies and OEM brand standards.

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Inteligencia artificial

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Automotive integrations that give shoppers what they want

Chat AI’s deep data and system integrations ensure a seamless customer experience and more efficient operational workflows. With direct connections to vehicle inventory feeds, CRM platforms and scheduling systems, Chat AI can answer VIN-specific questions, handle financing and trade-in inquiries, and book dealership appointments – all without the need for outsourced agents or sales team handoffs. And by providing real-time vehicle specs and pricing, inventory availability, financing options, trade-in information, available promotions, appointment scheduling and more, Chat AI delivers everything shoppers expect.

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Natural dialogue that engages and converts

Chat AI’s unique conversational capabilities add an engaging and impactful experience to your dealer website:

  1. Conversational dialogue that replicates live human interactions
  2. VIN-specific and dealer-specific replies to shopper questions
  3. Conversations tailored to each shopper’s demonstrated interests
  4. Handles financing, trade-in and service inquiries
  5. Guides consumers toward showroom and service appointments
  6. Hands off qualified shoppers to Sales or Service staff for high-value follow-up
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Dynamic merchandising content injected directly into the conversation

Bi-directional integration with Impel’s digital merchandising applications enables Chat AI to deliver more engaging experiences than any other chat solution available today. Powered by first party behavioral data, Chat AI delivers personalized responses and vehicle recommendations based on demonstrated shopper interests. And backed by Impel’s comprehensive OEM content library, Chat AI brings vehicles to life, showcasing value-added features and options directly in the chat conversation. Try that with a traditional chat solution!

Inteligencia artificial

A new standard in customer lifecycle management.

Impel’s end-to-end digital engagement solution ensures seamless communication at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle. Whether it’s browsing and shopping, consideration and purchase, or vehicle servicing and ownership, Impel’s AI-powered lifecycle management platform helps dealers deliver a seamless customer experience from the first website visit to the last service appointment (and through to the next vehicle purchase). With our Merchandising, Chat AI, Sales AI and Service AI applications, dealers can maximize customer lifetime value by engaging and retaining customers in a way that manual processes can’t match. It’s smart automation that drives productivity and efficiency across every department in your dealership.

Inteligencia artificial

A smarter web chat solution.

Natural Conversations

Powered by industry-leading AI technology and LLMs for a human-like conversational experience.

Seamless Integration

Works with any website platform and connects directly to all major CRM systems and inventory data feed providers.

Better Results

Optimized for the automotive shopper journey and retailer business objectives.


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